CA LISA. The agile platform for optimizing the application development lifecycle.

LISA solutions (from ITKO, a CA Technologies company) eliminate constraints, costs and complexity from the process of delivering enterprise software.

In today's enterprise, software innovation is a large part of what drives business success. IT organizations have changed their approach to enterprise applications - from large and monolithic implementations, to ones that are more dynamic, distributed, and heterogeneous in nature. This shift toward composite applications and other distributed application techniques including SOA, BPM, Cloud-based and SaaS applications, along with the popularity of agile development techniques, has had the unintended consequence of increasing application cost and risk due to increasing complexity and frequent change.

LISA offers a single, unified product platform for optimizing the application lifecycle, proven at the world's leading technology-driven enterprises. Using LISA, customers eliminate constraints from the software development, reduce infrastructure costs, and mitigate the risks of change and complexity for more reliable outcomes.

LISA Suite

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The LISA Platform works with your existing development and testing frameworks and integration tools of choice. Using LISA, teams can rapidly capture and create DevTest environments on your network or in a Cloud-based model with Service Virtualization to eliminate dependencies of unavailable or out-of-scope systems and data. LISA allows IT teams to continuously validate and "shift quality left" in the software lifecycle, enabling faster, more reliable delivery with lower costs and risks in production.

Delivering Customer Value with LISA

Leading customers in your industry are reshaping their software lifecycles with LISA with dramatic results.

  • Drastically reduced infrastructure costs
  • Parallel development and testing abilities
  • Increased software quality and performance
  • Shorter software release cycle times

Contact ITKO today to find out how to realize these benefits across your entire composite application development lifecycle.

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