LISA Solutions for IBM

Optimizing the Lifecycle of Development, Testing, Integration, and Cloud-Based Delivery

Enterprises count on IBM solutions to deliver critical business functionality in an environment of increasing software complexity and constant change. However, as software teams become more distributed and "agile" and as their technologies become more heterogeneous and interconnected, the need to eliminate risks, unexpected costs and constraints from the lifecycle becomes critical.

Challenges for IBM Enterprise IT Environments

LISA addresses several key test and delivery challenges that IBM enterprise IT environments face, as described by the "4 C's":

  • Complete: How do I get complete functional and load test coverage across every layer of my multi-tier software environment, from a Lotus mash-up, to WebSphere Process Server, the MQ messaging tier, all the way to validating results in a CICS mainframe?
  • Collaborative: How can I support every stage of the software development lifecycle, with reusable and sharable tests and virtual models that accelerate the work of collaborative teams while leveraging ALM platforms and tools including IBM Rational and Jazz?
  • Continuous: As underlying services and components are being updated and re-deployed on their own lifecycle, how can I continuously validate policies and SLAs to ensure that my business processes are not at risk due to "unintended consequences" of change?
  • Constraint-Free: What if there are incomplete components, Cloud-based services, core systems and other dependencies in my system that are incomplete, restricted or unavailable for testing and development purposes in the software lifecycle?

Solutions using LISA

LISA's product suite helps ensure quality and agility for IBM customers in several key areas:

  • IBM Integration Platforms: Native testing and simulation of IBM MQ, WebSphere ESB, WebSphere Application Server, and systems of record including DB2 and Informix just to name a few. LISA also enables rapid extensibility to other diverse, heterogeneous systems that need to be integrated.
  • IBM-enabled SOA, BPM and Governance: LISA supports WebSphere-based SOA environments, as well as validating BPM workflows with WebSphere Process Server and FileNet. LISA also enables business-level policy enforcement and SOA governance in conjunction with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository, and interacts with performance monitoring tools such as IBM Tivoli with SNMP and JMX metrics.
  • IBM Software Delivery Lifecycle: LISA supports multiple ALM platforms. LISA test assets are easily stored as XML files, and LISA can be launched with context from build scripts, release management, and testing process tools, including the Jazz open ALM platform, Rational Test Manager and others. LISA also Virtualizes the behavior of dependent components to allow test and development processes to proceed in parallel, at much lower cost.
  • IBM Deployment: LISA was designed to work in distributed, multi-tier deployment environments, supporting testing, validation and virtualization of SOA, Grid, SaaS/PaaS and Public/Private Cloud Computing-based delivery and deployment models.

IBM Global Services and CA: A Proven Partnership

In addition to LISA's native technology support for IBM software, IBM professional service teams are delivering value today with the support of ITKO in key customer engagements. Contact the iTKO/IBM team at to learn how LISA can optimize quality and agility objectives for your software test and delivery initiatives.

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