Automated End-to-End Testing

Lower the Cost of Quality with Complete and Automated Test Coverage

LISA offers a complete and collaborative automated testing solution designed for Composite applications and other distributed application architectures that leverage SOA, BPM, integration suites, Cloud and ESBs. LISA's codeless testing environment allows QA, Development and others to rapidly design and execute automated unit, functional, regression, system integration, load, and performance tests. LISA dramatically reduces the cost of quality, and provides industry leading capabilities to test Rich Internet Application UIs and heterogeneous middle-tier technologies that are pervasive in today's distributed applications.

Quality Challenges

Enterprise applications are becoming more complex, distributed, and heterogeneous. Application business logic is no longer found only in the UI and the database (as in client/server), but now extends across multiple middle tiers and technologies. This is further complicated when applications consume underlying services from third-parties, or use highly interactive presentation layer technologies, such as DHTML, AJAX, Swing, ActiveX, and others.

Organizations are also implementing more agile development methods and distributed teams. Yet, reuse of assets between these teams is limited or non-existent. Different tools are often employed, such as code-based unit testing tools for developers that are unusable by QA; and functional UI testing that does not translate errors into repeatable defects for developers to catch bugs earlier.

Distributed application quality can only be ensured when every layer of the application is tested and verified throughout the software lifecycle. This requires a much higher degree of test automation and collaboration among stakeholders.

The Solution: Complete and Collaborative Testing

PracticesLISA provides complete test coverage, with the ability to invoke and verify the behavior of each component across the end-to-end application. LISA provides automated testability for all of the components in the technology stack. Out of the box, LISA provides industry-leading standards support, with native integration to most J2EE servers, integration suites, and ESBs. LISA's Software Development Kit provides extensibility features to bring testability to any custom or proprietary components with minimum cost and effort.

LISA also builds portable, executable test suites that are easy to extend, easy to chain into workflows with other tests, and simple to integrate with existing test repositories. LISA test cases are designed to be shared across different teams and environments, with the ability to easily attach prior results and artifacts to extend them, and the ability to readily execute with different underlying data.

LISA's Testing Capability Offers:

  • Complete Test Coverage for Heterogeneous, Distributed Architectures: In a single test environment, LISA invokes and verifies functionality at every layer of the application - from dynamic web UIs, to web services, ESB/JMS messaging layers, EJB servers, Java objects, databases, file systems, legacy objects and much more.
  • Codeless Testing: There are no test scripts to write and maintain in LISA. Developers and non-developers can collaborate with high productivity, including testing "headless" middle-tiers that have no user interface.
  • Next Generation UI Testing: Record testing sessions in the latest UI technologies, and convert them to versatile automated tests that maintain identity and security context and automatically adapt to positional and underlying content changes.
  • Load and Performance Testing: LISA easily extends functional tests for load and performance testing to make test coverage more efficient, and to load test individual components earlier in the lifecycle.
  • Advanced Reporting: LISA provides robust, interactive dashboards with real-time and historical performance results, functional metrics, data filtering, and reports.
  • Integrate with Existing Management Tools: LISA test cases are easily stored and launched as executable test assets alongside your Source Code and Requirements Management, Build, Issue tracking, or Test Mgmt tools (including HP Quality Center and IBM Rational Quality Manager).

PracticesTesting Benefits

LISA can help your organization:

  • Lower testing cycle times and costs with end-to-end automation that can significantly reduce or eliminate manual testing efforts.
  • Increase the number of function points you can confidently release without increasing resources or team size.
  • Automate regression testing to dramatically reduce labor costs and improve time-to-market.
  • Expand test scenarios to catch more bugs earlier and improve quality.
  • Improve productivity by reusing test assets and expanding collaborative testing across the lifecycle.
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