Challenge: Constraints

As companies move toward Agile development and Cloud-based applications, they find that many systems they depend on such as mainframes, databases and external services are Constrained - or not accessible by developers and testers.

For instance, a needed mainframe may be off-limits, a system of record could have bad data, or a third-party service may still be under development. Attempts to reproduce these environments - by manually coding stubs and managing test data - are costly and inconsistent.

Constraints: Problem

One customer with constraint issues put it this way: "I can't do anything until I have everything... and I never have everything!"

LISA solves constraints by capturing and modeling dependent systems through Service Virtualization capabilities. The resulting "Virtual Services" simulate the constrained components in your environment with a high degree of sophistication, providing low-cost, 24/7 available models that respond just like the real thing for functional and performance testing purposes at a much lower cost.

One leading financial customer saved more than $30M in software infrastructure and maintenance costs within a year, and reduced their integration and testing project times by 50% by having readily available LISA Virtual Services in their environment.

LISA's Service Virtualization is now in its fourth stage of evolution, and this innovative technology has set the bar for agile development within leading enterprises. Using LISA, customers have decoupled their own development and test efforts from the limitations of the environment, and achieved dramatic improvements in time-to-market, and drastically reduced costs of accessing or replicating needed software components and services in their own lab.

Constraints: Solution

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