Practices: Cloud DevTest Labs

LISA is the essential platform for truly elastic, effective pre-production Cloud environments.

Software teams need adequate development and test environments to deliver their software, yet these labs are typically very costly, time consuming to configure, and resource intensive to maintain. As a result, Cloud-based development and test environments have gained popularity with new levels of cost, time and resource savings, including the elasticity to provide computing capacity on a pay-as-you-go basis.

However, as companies deploy Dev and Test Clouds, they quickly realize that cloud environments remain intertwined with dependency constraints on other "off cloud" systems in the enterprise. If not addressed, these constraints effectively limit the elasticity, flexibility, and overall usefulness of Dev and Test Cloud environments.

"Wires hanging out" - Cloud has constraints on development and testing.

Dev and Test Cloud challenges:

  • Dependent system availability is frequently constrained due to production schedules, security restrictions, contention between teams, or because they are still under development.
  • Volatile demand spikes in Cloud usage quickly exceed the availability/capacity limits of dependent systems.
  • Dependent systems and mockups may be poor performing or do not provide the functional behavior or performance response needed.
  • Synchronizing test data scenarios across distributed systems is time consuming and cost prohibitive due to data volatility, data inconsistencies, limited data access, etc.
  • Systems are either too difficult (mainframes) or remote (third-party services) to replicate in the Cloud via traditional hardware-based virtualization approaches.
  • Developing and testing against third-party services can result in costly usage fees.

Solution: LISA DevTest Cloud Manager (DCM)

Eliminating constraints with LISA DevTest Cloud Manager (DCM) to restore Cloud elasticity across the software lifecycle.

ITKO's LISA DevTest Cloud ManagerTM (LISA DCM) provides practically unlimited capacity for DevTest Clouds by capturing and provisioning realistic virtual models of dependent off cloud systems, so that the real systems are no longer needed to develop and test against:

  • Provide truly elastic and independent test environments free of dependency constraints.
  • Meet volatile Dev and Test demands with virtualized services that can provide unlimited capacity and 24/7 availability.
  • Virtualize systems that are resistant to hardware-based virtualization approaches, including mainframes, very large databases, or third-party system not in your direct control.
  • Streamline Cloud test data management including automated setup/teardown, data de-sensitization, configuration and other costly and time-consuming efforts.
  • Reduce or eliminate Dev and Test access fees by virtualizing the behavior and performance of third-party services.
  • Work seamlessly with your existing Cloud provisioning solutions, including IBM Cloud, Amazon EC2, VMware, Citrix, VMlogix, Skytap, and more.
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