Challenge: Change

Change is the only constant in software. Therefore we must deal with the unintended consequences of frequent updates at every level. In an application, multiple components are being changed and released on their own cycles. Changing any element can create a ripple effect throughout the system, causing errors elsewhere that often get exposed to customers in production.

Instead of upset customers, production outages, and costly errors that need to be fixed in deployment, you can now eliminate much of that change risk with LISA's Continuous Validation capabilities. LISA can constantly check each instrumented layer of your application, either on a scheduled basis or whenever any change is detected in the software development environment.

Change: Problem

One leading Telco was able to reduce bugs and performance problems delivered to QA to less than 1%, and moved from a 6-month integration cycle to a monthly release process thanks to continuous validation.

LISA's Continuous Validation capability was designed to handle distributed, changing apps, including heterogeneous technologies and dynamic data. Tests and virtual services become repeatable over time, "shifting quality left" in the lifecycle, so quality and performance are assured earlier in component design and integration.

Change: Solution

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