Professional Services Organization

In addition to award-winning technology, we also offers world-class professional services that can assist you in ensuring complete, collaborative, continuous and constraint-free quality using LISA. ITKO's Professional Services Organization focuses on identifying key value and quality metrics to help our customers understand, measure, track and realize their costs-savings, quality and agility objectives. Through a comprehensive set of consulting services and educational offerings, we help our customers build and execute world-class testing, validation, and virtualization programs using our proven delivery approach and products. The benefits include:

Increased value, faster delivery of results, decreased costs:

  • Full set of solutions including educational and Quickstart packages
  • Practical release approach that delivers value quickly

Accelerated adoption and comprehensive mentoring:

  • Train and mentor the customer's team with proven standards and best practices
  • Rapidly enabling the customer to become self-sufficient
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and resource support including qualified ITKO partners.

Increased quality solutions and risk reduction:

  • Pragmatic structured approaches for testing automation, test data management, validation and virtualization to get early visibility to problems and do faster root cause analysis.
  • Define value releases around quality projects and testing implementations from proven experience and best practices.
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