ITKO Webinar Archive: Lifecycle Virtualization - A New Practice of Optimizing Application Development, featuring voke and ITKO

January 18, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm Central

Will a new generation of Lifecycle Virtualization capabilities drive the development of the next set of industry leaders?

Let's face it - today's customer has "no mercy" for a company that can't deliver the services they demand, on time and with uncompromising quality. Keeping IT costs down is no longer a competitive differentiator - it is a requirement for entering the game. Therefore the companies that win in today's economy will be the ones that can innovate and deliver new products and services to market the fastest.

Lifecycle virtualization includes the following solutions such as virtual lab management (VLM), virtualized cloud platforms, service virtualization, defect virtualization, and device virtualization. Alongside desktop and server virtualization, lifecycle virtualization serves as the third pillar in a truly virtual environment. In fact, Lanowitz believes lifecycle virtualization has the power and potential to deliver more impact to the market than both server and desktop virtualization, by finally solving age-old and classic challenges of software development and delivery.

Get visionary insights about this latest customer-based research from voke principal analyst Theresa Lanowitz in this one-hour webinar. She will be joined by ITKO "Chief Geek" and CA distinguished engineer John Michelsen who will present real world examples of how Service Virtualization allows software development teams to shave weeks or months off their time-to-market, while drastically reducing infrastructure costs and performance issues in production.

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