Optimized Software Virtualization, Test and Validation in the Cloud for U.S. Department of Defense

DISA's Forge.Mil Initiative to Offer Shared TestForge Services in the Cloud, Enabling Faster Delivery of Capabilities to the Warfighter Through Software Release Efficiencies

DALLAS, TX, August 17, 2010 -- ITKO, the leading provider of virtualization and validation solutions for enterprise cloud applications, announces the integration of ITKO's LISA solutions within the U.S. Department of Defense software and service provider community known as Forge.Mil, with first availability slated for the October 2010 timeframe. TestForge will enable the DoD to design, reuse, integrate and test, software components in a shared, Cloud-based management environment.

"We are very optimistic about the significant value we can deliver to the warfighter through IT efficiency improvements, management practices, and virtualization of shared test and validation environments across the TestForge.Mil community," said Dr Steve Hutchison, DISA Test and Evaluation Executive. "Having on-demand virtual test environments in the Cloud, alongside functional and performance validation test assets, allows capability providers to deliver and integrate software components to meet mission threads with less risk, higher agility and lower operational and maintenance cost."

TestForge will provide Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) and Virtual Test Lab environments within the Forge.Mil development cycle on agile projects. This includes support for defect management, automated unit, functional and regression testing, and static code analysis via a continuous integration environment.

Enhanced capabilities enabled by TestForge include:

  • Improved software risk management, for assuring mission-focused releases, with less duplication and reduced costs
  • Quickly provisioning production-like virtual versions of software on the cloud to eliminate downstream dependencies from the lifecycle, and eliminate the impact of development and testing on critical live systems
  • Deploying test-ready builds from Forge.mil as Virtual Service Environments in the Cloud on an on-demand basis for interoperability, regression and performance testing

"We have enjoyed a partnership with DISA over the past 5 years, enabling LISA to better support the many agencies and service providers who collaborate to deliver IT functionality to the warfighter," said John Michelsen, ITKO founder and Chief Scientist. "When a service provider delivers or integrates a new piece of software to the community, it is critical that they quickly and thoroughly evaluate and certify that component, without waiting on the availability of highly constrained or secured dependent systems. A Virtual Service Environment eliminates dependencies while providing 24/7 availability to valid test environments, data and certification assets at lower cost and effort."

Moving forward, Forge.mil will provide full-support for all testing activities including Performance, Scalability, Reliability, Interoperability, Operational, Net-Ready KPP, and IA. The Forge.mil platform will leverage existing agency tools and capabilities in a fully-managed cloud environment. The test capability within Forge.mil will extend and complement other Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) services to enable successful acquisition of enhanced capabilities for the warfighter. For more information on TestForge and Forge.Mil initiatives, visit http://www.forge.mil/index.html.


About ITKO, a CA Technologies company

ITKO, a CA Technologies company, optimizes composite application lifecycles. Our LISA service virtualization and validation software increases the agility of developing and delivering complex and cloud-based applications to market faster, while shifting quality left to eliminate costly constraints and defects in an environment of constant change. ITKO solutions eliminate software dependencies, decrease release times, and increase the reliability of composite applications that leverage cloud computing, SOA, BPM, integration suites and ESBs. ITKO's global customers include 5 of the top 6 Fortune 500 commercial banks, 5 of the top 6 Fortune 500 telecommunications firms as well as leading firms in insurance, travel, retail, utilities and government agencies. For more information, visit http://www.ITKO.com.

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