ITKO Announces Virtualization of Performance Labs with Webinar on LISA VSE with Load Testing

Industry Thought Leaders Discuss Customer Examples of Bringing Performance Validation "Into the Lifecycle" using Virtual Services and Leading Tools such as LoadRunner

Dallas, TX May 15, 2008 -- ITKO LISA, a provider of testing, validation and virtualization solutions for SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) and integration software, today announced new capabilities built into LISA Virtual Service Environment (VSE) which allow software development, testing and performance teams to achieve better service levels, while saving as much as 90 percent of the cost of replicating separate application environments for different teams.

An upcoming InfoWorld webinar on May 28, 2008 will provide real-world customer examples of how LISA VSE provides a target for load and performance testing, as well as expert insight into this new combination of Virtualization and performance testing solutions. Leading Application Lifecycle practices analyst Theresa Lanowitz of voke, and ITKO LISA founder & Chief Architect John Michelsen will explore the difficulties of high-performance testing within complex, distributed development environments. By virtualizing the behavior of application services and data with a VSE solution, performance teams can ensure reliability throughout the development lifecycle, while better utilizing their substantial investments in leading load testing tools like HP (Mercury) LoadRunner, Borland (Segue) SilkTest and others.

"The ability to predict the reliability of an application by virtually testing performance at any point in the lifecycle is a necessary ingredient for managing the complex software of the 21st century" said Theresa Lanowitz, founder, voke inc. "By virtualizing away the dependencies inherent in testing a services-based environment, Quality Assurance and IT operations teams are empowered to tackle the most difficult performance challenges with a higher degree of automation."

The webinar will be moderated by InfoWorld's Test Center Executive Editor, Doug Dineley, and is scheduled for Wednesday, May 28th at 2:00 PM ET. A free signup for the session is available here.

"The performance test lab often struggles to exercise today's complex, interconnected applications earlier in the delivery lifecycle, and they face diminishing returns on that testing effort and cost," said John Michelsen. "This webinar will explore a solution to this dilemma, showcasing LISA Virtual Services Environment as a way for enterprises to bring performance management into the overall software development and implementation lifecycle at a drastically reduced cost."

ITKO has also authored a white paper on this topic, outlining how to leverage LISA VSE in an existing Performance Testing lab to eliminate dependencies on live systems and components that are still under development. Examples from leading enterprise IT shops who are delivering high-performance, critical applications are covered. The document can be downloaded at the following link: click here.

About ITKO, a CA Technologies company

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