ITKO LISA Combines SOA Monitoring with Advanced Test Execution Capabilities

Native test interaction with leading system metrics dashboards and reporting environments provides improved control over performance and reliability.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) February 4, 2008 -- ITKO, Inc., the leading provider of SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) quality, validation and virtualization solutions, announces enhanced native support for enterprise IT monitoring frameworks within the latest release of their LISA 4 Testing & Validation solution.

The new Advanced Test Execution capabilities of LISA allow IT teams to quickly generate events and transactions that appear on the monitoring framework, without the need to code a test harness. LISA can also become an Agent that listens to the resulting metrics - making it an integral part of the enterprise's application management process.

"By combining LISA with TIBCO Hawk, Tivoli, OpenView, or CA/Wily Introscope, customers can get a more complete view of what is happening to systems under test," said Ruston Vickers, CTO of ITKO. "The ability to 'cause the cause' within the application being monitored and share data in the same context literally ties together the effects being viewed, with the root cause as generated by the LISA testing environment."

LISA already contains the ability to test and accept data for most commonly used enterprise server and application metrics, such as JMX providers, SNMP data, and Windows Perfmon. LISA now ships with several out-of-the-box configurations for most major metrics providers and application servers such as BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, TIBCO, and JBoss. LISA also allows extensions to capture proprietary metrics into test execution context as well.

In addition, events such as failures or boundary conditions in these monitoring solutions can trigger test workflow execution within LISA, including creating user notifications or error reporting workflows within LISA's Continuous Validation Service.

"High visibility and continuous validation go hand in hand when attempting to manage the performance of SOA applications throughout the Service Lifecycle," said Ronald Schmelzer, Managing Partner at Zapthink, LLC. "Ensuring SOA quality requires determining the root causes of issues in the Services as well as at lower infrastructural layers, in addition to having a management view into the processes and applications so risk can be better mitigated."

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ITKO, a CA Technologies company, optimizes composite application lifecycles. Our LISA service virtualization and validation software increases the agility of developing and delivering complex and cloud-based applications to market faster, while shifting quality left to eliminate costly constraints and defects in an environment of constant change. ITKO solutions eliminate software dependencies, decrease release times, and increase the reliability of composite applications that leverage cloud computing, SOA, BPM, integration suites and ESBs. ITKO's global customers include 5 of the top 6 Fortune 500 commercial banks, 5 of the top 6 Fortune 500 telecommunications firms as well as leading firms in insurance, travel, retail, utilities and government agencies. For more information, visit

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