ITKO showcases new SOA software quality in March 7 Webinar

Release Date: February 2006

Missed the March 7 ITKO/StickyMinds Webinar? See it here!
"Achieving Quality in Next-Generation SOA Applications" was the topic of the hour, and we'd like to thank everyone who attended. If you missed the session with SQE testing expert Lee Copeland and ITKO founder and Chief Scientist John Michelsen, you can catch it here.

Industry experts discuss automated testing issues in applications created with next-generation, service-oriented architecture

The next generation of software applications will be delivered with service-oriented architecture (SOA). But will this new multi-component approach herald a higher level of software quality? These are the issues and insights providing during ITKO's upcoming Webinar, March 7. The one-hour online seminar is free.

ITKO explores "Testing SOA Software: Ensuring Quality in Next-Generation Apps," during the Webinar, 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. Central Standard Time, March 7. .

The seminar features Lee Copeland, a founding quality consultant with Software Quality Engineering, and John Michelsen, chief scientist and co-founder of ITKO. Copeland offers more than 30 years of experience as an information systems professional. A well-known speaker and teacher, he authored the popular reference book, "A Practitioner's Guide to Software Test Design." Michelsen has 16 years of high-level enterprise development experience and is the chief architect of LISA, a complete SOA testing platform.

"Service-oriented architecture can offer a great deal of flexibility in how business create applications from both new and existing technologies," Michelsen said. "But like any new approach, it brings complex quality challenges that must be solved. The practices commonly used to test new applications simply won't work in an SOA environment."

During the Web seminar, Copeland and Michelsen will discuss:

  • Why SOA applications may be easier to create and modify, but harder to deeply test
  • How enterprise software teams and IT departments can determine who is accountable for quality when the application has so many participants involved in its day-to-day operation
  • Why today's composite SOA software requires a collaborative approach to quality, both at the component and the system level
  • Practical examples of how organizations can develop effective unit, functional, regression, load and performance testing strategies in an SOA environment

About ITKO, a CA Technologies company

ITKO, a CA Technologies company, optimizes composite application lifecycles. Our LISA service virtualization and validation software increases the agility of developing and delivering complex and cloud-based applications to market faster, while shifting quality left to eliminate costly constraints and defects in an environment of constant change. ITKO solutions eliminate software dependencies, decrease release times, and increase the reliability of composite applications that leverage cloud computing, SOA, BPM, integration suites and ESBs. ITKO's global customers include 5 of the top 6 Fortune 500 commercial banks, 5 of the top 6 Fortune 500 telecommunications firms as well as leading firms in insurance, travel, retail, utilities and government agencies. For more information, visit

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