LISA Roadmap Announced – Exciting Things in Store for Enterprise Java Automated Testing

ITKO Announces LISA 2.0 and Provides Roadmap of Most Complete Enterprise Java Testing Platform

DALLAS, TX – (Feb 3, 2003) – ITKO, Inc., a leading provider of products and solutions that maximize e-business performance, today announced that it will start publicly discussing and demonstrating it’s LISA roadmap. LISA is already a leading automated testing tool for web site developers. ITKO is in the final stages of preparing a major new release as LISA 2.0.

LISA 2.0 will be the industry’s only no-code testing platform for Enterprise Java. “Enterprise JavaBeans, web services, and other middle-tier applications are difficult and time-consuming to test” said Ruston Vickers, a Principal with ITKO. “Customers need a solution that the whole team to use to quickly verify server functionality without having to write more code.”

ITKO has set a preliminary release date of May, 2003, for the next generation product.

About ITKO, a CA Technologies company

ITKO, a CA Technologies company, optimizes composite application lifecycles. Our LISA service virtualization and validation software increases the agility of developing and delivering complex and cloud-based applications to market faster, while shifting quality left to eliminate costly constraints and defects in an environment of constant change. ITKO solutions eliminate software dependencies, decrease release times, and increase the reliability of composite applications that leverage cloud computing, SOA, BPM, integration suites and ESBs. ITKO's global customers include 5 of the top 6 Fortune 500 commercial banks, 5 of the top 6 Fortune 500 telecommunications firms as well as leading firms in insurance, travel, retail, utilities and government agencies. For more information, visit

ITKO Press Contact: Jason English - - 1-214.764.9318


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