Our Mission

ITKO, a CA Technologies company, is on a mission to help enterprises deliver innovative new software and services to market without constraints: better, faster and cheaper than their competition. The more complex and difficult the technology challenge, the more value we can provide to your business by optimizing the entire development and testing lifecycle of today’s highly distributed, heterogeneous and Cloud-based composite applications.

By simulating and eliminating constraints from the SDLC, our CA LISA product suite reduces software delivery timelines by 30% or more. Our patented Service Virtualization (SV) technology created a new market paradigm for agile development by productizing the process of capturing, modeling and maintaining robust Virtual Service Environments which reproduce the functional, performance and data characteristics of every message protocol and component in a composite architecture.

Our total commitment to customer success is unparalleled. We offer the world’s most proven services and methodology for delivering virtual software environments to ensure successful adoption and deliver real business value from every customer engagement.

Along with SV, CA LISA solutions enable DevTest Cloud lab environments, and an innovative approach to continuous validation for developers and testers. Enterprises save millions of dollars in infrastructure and labor costs while making app dev faster and more predictable.

ITKO's software products, methodology and services are oriented to help world-class enterprise customers with the world's biggest IT challenges. Everything we do as a company is oriented around helping our customers:

  • Eliminate constraints from the software lifecycle for faster time-to-market;
  • Work in parallel at a higher degree of collaboration to meet aggressive business goals; and
  • "Shift quality left" for more reliable results and excellent customer experience.

We believe distributed, multi-tier, heterogeneous implementation architectures including SOA, BPM, SaaS, Cloud computing, integration suites, and ESBs represent the future of enterprise software. Yet, with these application architectures comes greater complexity and change, and an exponential increase in potential points of failure. This shift, along with the popularity of more agile development techniques, has exposed serious inadequacies with traditional software dev and test techniques. ITKO is determined to change that.

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